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Gotham Promotes Morena Baccarin to Series Regular in Season 2
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Donal Logue
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05 May 2015 @ 06:12 pm

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‘Gotham’ Finale: EP Bruno Heller Sets Up Season 2’s Big Joke & Gets Fishy

What's in Store for Season 2

In regard to whether Penguin is the next best alternative to lead the Gotham underworld, Ben McKenzie said, “It’s the devil you know, at least in terms of Jim. He has the deepest relationship, in a way, to Penguin. He’s obviously the most volatile and the most cunning, as evidenced by his meteoric rise through the criminal syndicate. I think what it does, hopefully, is just raise the stakes for Season 2. If before, you had a bit of a detente between the two major powers, that’s completely destroyed, at this point, and other anarchy is right around the corner. That puts an enormous pressure on a guy like Jim Gordon to maintain some semblance of order, and that will possibly be his struggle in the second season.”
Jim Gordon thinks that he saved Barbara Kean from The Ogre, but she’s clearly far more disturbed than he realized. When it comes to how who she’s become will impact him, McKenzie said, “It’s not going to impact him well. Obviously, there will be feelings of guilt associated with his role in her entire undoing. She would not have suffered what he suffered, if he was not who he is, and if he had not gone after The Ogre and courted disaster. This is the clearest indication we’ve had, thus far, that there’s a price to be paid for doing your job, for being honorable, and for doing the right thing. In the pilot, it was saving Penguin’s fight life, only to have him come back as the criminal mastermind that he’s become. Now, the love of his life is mentally unhinged. That’s going to have a really profound affect on his psyche and on his relationships, I would imagine.”

The relationship between Jim and Barbara was always supposed to be ill-fated. Barbara is from the wealthiest possible family, completely disconnected from the reality of Gotham, while Jim is on the ground, trying to get things done. But the end result, according to McKenzie, was “an adjustment on the fly. We needed to figure out how best to use Erin [Richards], who is a wonderful actress, and how best to take advantage of what people were connecting to in their relationship, or not connecting to, and we needed to infuse a different relationship into it, as well.”