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26 April 2016 @ 09:57 pm
Gordon and Bruce question Professor Strange about Project Chimera, which leads Strange to send the newly resurrected Galavan to confront Gordon. Meanwhile, Nygma investigates who Professor Strange is. (airing Monday, May 2 )

The cast of Gotham tease the rise of Azrael.
"We're getting closer to the world of super-villains," adds Ben McKenzie. "It's still grounded in reality, albeit a bizarre reality, but it allows for the villains that Jim [Gordon] is fighting to gain the upper hand." - Ben McKenzie




Gotham's Top Cops Face Off!


10 April 2016 @ 09:28 am

@sarachris18 :
casual strolls in NYC with RYAN ATWOOD (@ben_mckenzie) from the OC...i sat in my car & cried instead of saying hi

In an attempt to clear his name, Gordon steals his case file and approaches Nygma for help. Meanwhile, Penguin discovers his step-family’s role in his father’s death, and awakens from his conditioning.


You know Jim Gordon is trying to keep a low profile when he’s wearing a beanie. However, the thing about keeping a low profile is that you can’t exactly fight people in the middle of the street.
It’s a lesson that Gordon learns in an exclusive Gotham sneak peek, which sees Gordon help out a poor woman whose purse is about to be stolen … before hitting a cop and taking off. Hey, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. Right?

06 April 2016 @ 05:07 pm

Claire Danes and former 'Homeland' co-star Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie walking together in Lower Manhattan after seeing Claire's Off Broadway play 'Dry Powder'

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According to Stephens, while locking Gordon up seems like an out-of-the-blue idea, the inspiration for the storyline was rooted in the core DNA of the show.

“We really wanted to stay true to that neo-noir idea, something that frequently happens in all of our stories is the person who is the crusading character becomes a victim of the very thing they themselves are setting up,” Stephens says. “And we’ve also been telling the story of Gordon becoming morally and ethically compromised this year. The way to really bolster that in an objective way is to send him to prison.”

He continues, “We wanted it to mean a few things on a couple different levels. We wanted him to be guilty and feel guilty about how he murdered Galavan [James Frain], but also to be sent to prison for something that he’s innocent of. He’s innocent on a technical level, but feel that after what he’s done, at the end of the day, on a moral level he deserves to be there. And we thought it would be cool to do a prison episode.”

While it may have seemed like Gordon gave up hope about ever getting out when he told the pregnant Lee (Morena Baccarin) to move away and move on from him, Stephens reveals he wasn’t resigning to life in prison.

“He was trying to do what was best for her,” Stephens says. “Even if he was going to try to get out of prison or if he will try to appeal his case, he didn’t know how long that would take. It could take a year, five years, 10 years. He was trying to be heroic. He was trying to sever their relationship so she could go on and have her own life and not be waiting for him. Even in his darkest moments, he’s still a hero. He’s being self-sacrificing.”

As for how Gordon is going to fare with life in prison in tonight’s all-new episode, “Prisoners,” expect the worst.

“It ain’t going to be good!” Stephens says with a laugh. “When he goes to prison, a lot of people that are in that prison are people that he put there. He’s not going to be very comfortable. He’s going to have a hard time adjusting.”

And Bullock is going to have an equally terrible time on the other side of the bars, trying to cope with losing his partner/BFF and knowing that Gordon’s life is going to be in danger while in prison.

“As painful as Gordon’s life on the inside will be, Bullock is going to be his one bright spot,” Stephens says. “He’s visiting him, trying to arrange special treatment for him, trying to make his life better on the inside. On a very basic level, trying to keep his partner alive, because Gordon in prison is going to have to fight for his life every single day. Bullock is fighting against a ticking clock with Gordon in prison.”
24 March 2016 @ 12:54 pm

After Gordon is removed from protective custody, he begins to face new threats and dangers inside prison walls. In order to survive, he must rely on a new friend, as well as Bullock and other outside help. Meanwhile, Penguin grows closer to his father, while his step-mother and step-siblings move forward with their own plans for the family

promo photos : http://www.spoilertv.com/2016/03/gotham-episode-216-prisoners-press.html

sneak peek : Gordon-centric episode goes inside Blackgate Prison

Gotham introduces the Penguin's strange new dad, Paul Reubens http://nerdi.st/21KlSMM