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20 June 2016 @ 09:31 am

Alexis Benveniste @apbenven (Writer. Reporter at @pagesix and @nypost) :
Ben McKenzie is at the park I'm at right now. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS BLESSING?! ❤️🙌🏻

It’s not quite “The OC,” but Ben McKenzie found his own way to soak up the sun in NYC on Sunday.
McKenzie and girlfriend Morena Bacarrin, their 3-month-old daughter Frances Laiz and Morena’s son from a previous marriage, Julius, celebrated Father’s Day at Pier 25 at Hudson River Park, a spy tells Page Six.

As temperatures in New York City soared to 87 degrees, McKenzie — who wore a pair of aviator sunglasses — splashed water on himself, soaking his white t-shirt, to stay cool.
Next, McKenzie, 37, hit the sandbox with Julius as Bacarrin, 37, picked up hot dogs for the hungry crew.
As the day at the park continued, a friendly McKenzie chatted with some nearby parents and even offered to share the family’s water gun with other kids on the playground.

Cory Michael Smith

How is shooting with the other actors?
Which is great in the series is that we all get along very well and I thank the casting directors for that. What's great is that they found not only the actor who fits each character but also actors who get along with each other. I play a lot on the set. I am very friendly with Robin (Lord Taylor, The Penguin ed.) I also loved working with Morena Baccarin (who plays the role of Leslie Thompkins note).

Can you tell us about your relationship with Ben McKenzie plays Jim Gordon in the series?
I worked with Ben which is a great guy who really has the place of our leader on the board. He has just become a father, and it's crazy to see the change that took place in him since the beginning of the series. He fell in love (with Morena Baccarin, ed), he became a father. It's like a big teddy bear. Do not tell him I said that! (Laughs)

Robin Lord Taylor

So what experiences have you had working with the other Gotham actors? Do you have any fun stories, or any stories about having to work with actors that then the Penguin kills?
Yeah! Well we get along, as a cast, just smashingly. In fact, early on in the first season, Ben McKenzie had a barbeque; and all the cast members came, and we were all there having fun, dancing, and drinking, and at one point I said to Ben, because this is my first rodeo as it were, and he’s been doing this for longer than I have in a big way; I said to him, pointing at everyone having a ball, “Dude, is this normal? Do casts get along like this? Because I’ve guested on shows, and you can definitely feel the vibe, and it’s not this.” And he said immediately, “Nope. This is not normal. God willing, we can keep this going for the rest of our run,” because it just makes the environment more pleasant, and we all just truly have love for everyone, and it’s so nice. It’s all I’ve ever wanted in a job.

photo courtesy of Sean Pertwee
08 June 2016 @ 10:23 am

"Well, I think we're just going to continue his evolution. We've shown a Gordon who's changed an awful lot from where we found him in the pilot of the show: a naive, rookie cop. He's transformed into this hardened, practitioner of real politik and the dark arts of Gotham power plays. He's going to get even better at that in season 3. And he may even tip over, briefly... There's an idea that he may tip over to the dark side for a little while." - Ben McKenzie

Gotham EP John Shephens reveals the title? of the first episode of season 3.

“What I like about this show is even though we’re in the superhero genre, we’re painting with a broad brush. [My character Jim] Gordon is clearly just a man, and as [showrunner] Bruno Heller told me when I was first considering the job, you don’t have to wear tights. He’s been true to his word. Gordon gets to be the grounded, everyman hero. I always try to think of him as someone from a Raymond Chandler novel, just stumbling around in the dark, trying to stay alive.”
Image: Gavin Bond

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the home video release of GOTHAM: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON, arriving on Blu-ray (including Digital HD) and DVD on August 16th. Head inside for the details!

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