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@OCMusical : "California, here we come. Right back where we started from." / The O.C. Musical set to debut on AUGUST 30TH!

The beloved Fox drama The O.C. is making a comeback in the form of a musical!

According to its website, The O.C.: The Musical is an unauthorized parody of the FOX show that will musically retell the series’ early events.


Casting is underway for the one-night-only event. Currently, Drew Seeley (Bob Guadio in the national tour of Jersey Boys) will be Luke Ward, Christine Lakin (TV's "Step By Step" and "Veronica Mars") will be Kirsten Cohen, and Jarett Wieselman (Senior Editor, Entertainment at Buzzfeed News) will be stepping into the non-singing role of the show's creator, Josh Schwartz.

Autumn Reeser will play Julie Cooper in The O.C. Musical
The O.C. Musical—a Los Angeles-based, one-night-only production from the minds behind the Cruel Intentions The Musical—has done the impossible: It has turned Taylor Townsend into a yogalates-loving newpsie. Well, sort of.
Autumn Reeser, known to The O.C. fans as Taylor, has joined the cast of the show as Julie Cooper, better known as Marissa’s mother and one half of the gruesome twosome.

'The O.C.' musical creators have a strong wish list for Ryan and Seth
Warner Bros. Television Group will distribute copies of the magazine throughout the five days of Comic-Con International (July 8-12) exclusively at the Warner Bros. booth (No. 4545) on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center. For those not attending Comic-Con, the special issue will be available on newsstands beginning July 7 and via beginning July 6. The digital version of the magazine will be available exclusively on the Barnes & Noble Nook.

San Diego Comic-Con: Warner Bros TV Unveils Official ‘Gotham’ Heroes Confab Bag
17 June 2015 @ 12:06 pm (in Japanese)

(Here's the rough translation. I will post the original interview as soon as I get it.)
TV Groove : This is your third visit to Japan, what is it like?

Ben :  It's wonderful. When I come to Japan, I can challenge new things. I visited Kyoto first and enjoyed Japanese history and culture there. Coming to Tokyo, I had wonderful Japanese foods and stay in one of the best hotels in Tokyo. I enjoy modern Japan right now.

10 years have passed since the O.C., what do you think about your journey?

Ben : Tired.. (laugh)
No, just kidding. I can't believe these many years have passed. I was lucky to star in 3 shows as a lead. I think I did a good job but it's thanks to Warner Bros. casting me.
Nowadays I don't feel I'm a newcomer (new face) any more, I feel I'm stepping into a seasoned actor.

You do a lot of action scenes in Gotham, is it tough? How do you prepare for that?

Ben : The shooting is tough but it's fun, it's worth it. I take care of maintaining shaped-up body and keeping in the best condition to do actions. But Jim Gordon is neither a martial artist nor a super hero, he's just a human. Although he had a military training and got used to use the arms, he doesn't have super power.
I just use my experience I got when I was a football player, like running and tackling. lol

Your character, Jim Gordon, is the only one who does the right thing in Gotham city. Do you keep distance from the other actors who play villains?

Ben : No!  The shooting of TV series usually takes 10 months, I can't do the method acting. lol
I can't stay strained during such long months, which would drive me crazy.
But I keep this in mind that Jim's point of view is different from the others'. It's not difficult, thanks to how I was raised and also playing an officer in Southland helps me a lot.

Italian dub (You can see a little bit of Ben at around 1:20) (Spanish sub)
"Los Caballeros no Tienen Memoria" ("A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell")
13 June 2015 @ 08:31 am

Production designers Doug Kraner and Richard Berg talk about their inspirations for a Gotham City that’s different from the others we’ve seen, but undeniably familiar.

An article on Gotham's production design in Emmy USA Magazine Issue 4, 2015

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11 June 2015 @ 03:54 pm

Some of Gotham City's most notorious heroes and villains took over Tokyo today. 'Gotham' cast members Ben McKenzie, Cory Michael Smith, Robin Lord Taylor and Sean Pertwee are in Japan to promote their hit show that has been screening in the country since May.§ion=entertainment

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10 June 2015 @ 08:22 am

"Under the aqueduct"  / Nanzen-ji zen temple in Kyoto

Ben enjoys travelling in Kyoto before doing press on June 11 in Tokyo. He shares some photos on his instagram.

"Incredible meal in Kyoto at Jiki-Miyazawa. Eel with black beans and nori over rice. Fantastic. #I'mneverleavingJapan"
"And no trip to Kyoto would be complete without mentioning Kinkaku-ji: "The Golden Pavilion". Breathtaking."

Sean Pertwee : Deeply honored at Zojoji Temple home of the Black Buddah. Gotham Dai Hitto Kegan (Big Hit Ceremony)

A shot right in the Temple #sensoji #gothampeeps / Senso-ji

more photos :

seanpertwee: Harajuku Twins selfie style #sensojitemple          @1984megaco